Meet Molly

I recently obtained a master’s degree in Hospitality Management at  University of South Florida when I was living in a small, garage studio  apartment in Sarasota, Florida. I started experimenting with raw,  nutritious treats in 2016 due to my ever yearning to create and consume  healthy food.  My passion for simple, clean ingredients such as raw nuts  & seeds, Medjool dates and natural sweeteners contributed to the  organic evolution of making healthy treats for my friends and family.   Having very limited cooking space, a second hand food processor and an  entrepreneurial spirit, the evolution of Nutty Girl made its beginning!  

Further,  I struggled with maintaining a healthy weight in my adolescent years.   As I got older I became consciously aware of how harmful processed  ingredients such as refined sugars and wheat were affecting me  emotionally, physically and spiritually. In a sense, you could say, they  were making me crazy! For years, I woke up groggy, had low energy and  couldn’t keep any weight off, but have been able to turn that around  through a combination of exercise, mindful snacking and fulfilling my  sweet cravings with Nutty Girl treats!  

Nutty Girl! Real. Crazy. Good!

Molly J Moore

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